(from the Dedicated Decades Magazine Winter 2013 Edition pages 3 – 4: The Universal Living Rosary Association)

How misunderstood and maligned is the Gift of Faith in our day!  Some say, it is a blind acceptance of what we cannot see or a belief in what is contrary to reason.  The world has steadily grown away from Faith ever since the dawn of enlightenment, the so-called Reformation.  Reason is our god and guides all our motives and actions.  People often refer to the Dark Ages or Middle Ages with ridicule- a day in which Faith reigned universally!  Today, we have a flood of hatred, sin, and bloodshed in the world; the good suffer and evil prosper.

The tendency to be broadly tolerant is a dangerous threat to the Church Militant.  Liberalism is gnawing at the Catholic spirit.  Some adopt the attitude that ‘all roads, however diverse, lead to Heaven; believe what you choose, God will abide!’  Private opinion may be fine so long as it does not tamper with truth, justice, and morals.

There is no possibility for world betterment until Faith once more takes root in men’s hearts:


People, today, do not know themselves because they do not know God.  They do not know the hope and peace of prayer.  They have faith in nothing, because they have no faith in God.  Faith is absolutely necessary to lead a good life and knowledge is the beginning of faith.  The final substitute we have for God in this wild world of ours is the gospel of liberty.  Americans, led by the intelligentsia, have espoused democracy as their religion.  But God commanded otherwise!  In His abundant providence, He decreed that man was to be saved, not as an individual but upon membership in His Church.  It was His will that no man should come to Him, save through His Church.

A man who loses his Faith is like a building completely demolished by an earthquake.  There are only two categories of men who can truly call themselves reasonable: Those who serve God with their whole heart and soul because they know Him by Faith; and those who seek Him with their whole heart and soul because they know Him not.

If humanity needs anything today, it is TRUTH, not theory, not hope, not duplicity but ABSOLUTE TRUTH.  This is the crime that festers within the four walls of our present day universities and spreads through our public school system.  Truth and error are constantly being changed to suit the tempo and the times.  Most of today’s knowledge is based on what has been studied and written by human authority.  St. John asks the question: If we accept the testimony of men, is not the testimony of God greater?  How quickly the masses rush to any new prophet who will propose a remedy for life’s problems:  “Blind leaders of the blind!” He came unto His own and His own received Him not.

This is the fundamental question of Christianity, the acceptance or rejection of Christ’s teaching authority.  Our Lord will never use His Divine Power over human will.  Though He wills that all men believe, He will not have their faith at the expense of their human liberty.  The most decisive of God’s gifts to us is the freedom of our will.  What a terrible thing this free will is!  All the evil in the world represents the power we have which has dared to defy the All-Powerful God.  The very nature of sin is our full knowledge and willful opposition to God’s Divine Will.  After rejecting God, we have tried to kill Him.  Sin is nothingness, Eternal Negation: THE NON-SERVIUM OF SATAN!

One of the most effective tools used to rob man of his free will is FEAR; real fears or imagined fears, it makes no difference, as both are powerful in swaying man’s decisions.  Our poor world is sick.  Six centuries of erroneous thought and thousands of years of sinful folly have left their mark on the modern mind.  The worship of pleasure by the young and old, and the adulation given to power and money by our generation, make one weep!  Amid all he chaos of a world gone mad, there stands but one remedy, one solution: The Catholic Church alone has the power to save humanity.  Our aim must be to look at life as God looks at it.  It is only through the eyes of Faith that we can see the cause of the world’s illness.  There is only one thing that remains to be done.  We must apply to ourselves the merits won on Calvary.

Faith then is crowned by the indwelling presence of God that comes to all who are in the state of Sanctifying Grace.  We must become as little children, accepting and embracing the Will of God.  We must have faith in our Father.  Now is the second great siege of Christendom.  It is NOW time for martyrs and confessors of the Faith.  “Either you are with Me or you are against Me.”  If we but persevere in faith until the end of these troubled times, united with Mary, our triumph is assured.

I firmly believe that there is One God; and that in this One God, there are three Persons:  THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY GHOST; that the Son took to Himself the nature of man from the Virgin Mary’s womb, by the power of the Holy Ghost; and that in this human nature, He was crucified and died for us; that afterwards He rose again and ascended into Heaven, from whence He shall come to repay the just with everlasting glory, and the wicked with everlasting punishment.  Moreover, I believe whatsoever else the Catholic Church proposes to be believed, and this because God, Who is Sovereign Truth, Who can neither deceive nor be deceived, has revealed all these things to His Church.                   Amen.