Thou Word of Love,

Manifested in the Christ-Man, the Son of God!

Thy Side opened and poured out!

Hung on the Tree of abandoning Love,

Thy precious Body,

Mingled with Holy Blood!

O Lowly Divinity!  O Glorious Humanity!  Brighter than the lights in the universe!

Holy Love consummates His Love for man,

Who kisses with prideful sneers

Conceals their outrages in majestic purple,

Offers to Him a reed,

And places a spiky crown o’er His Sacred Head!

O Divine King,

From Thy Adorable Heart, Blood and Water flow!

Along with the Spirit of Love!

Longinus’ stony heart healed!

Thy footstool’s foundation shakes!

Saints awake!

Flying at the sound of Thy gentle sigh!

O Crucified God of Love,

How beautiful art Thou in death,

As Thou art in life!

More lovely than all the flowers that adorn Thy footstool and Thy Throne!

Taken from the Tree,

Placed in the pure Hands of Thy Mother,

The Blessed Virgin,

White Rose of purity!

Who begot Perfection!

Stainless Rose who holds Thee,

O Red Rose bleeding!

From the manger crib,

To the bed-tomb!