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The Vow of Love — November 15, 2015
Prayer to the Child Jesus —
An Act of Oblation As A Victim of Divine Love by St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face —

An Act of Oblation As A Victim of Divine Love by St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face

(from Christian Classics Ethereal Library: http://www.ccel.org/ccel/therese/autobio.xxix.i.html)

O my God, O Most Blessed Trinity, I desire to love Thee and to make Thee loved—to labour for the glory of Holy Church by saving souls here upon earth and by delivering those suffering in Purgatory. I desire to fulfill perfectly Thy Holy Will, and to reach the degree of glory Thou hast prepared for me in Thy Kingdom. In a word, I wish to be holy, but, knowing how helpless I am, I beseech Thee, my God, to be Thyself my holiness.

Since Thou hast loved me so much as to give me Thy Only-Begotten Son to be my Saviour and my Spouse, the infinite treasures of His merits are mine. Gladly do I offer them to Thee, and I beg of Thee to behold me only through the Eyes of Jesus, and in His Heart aflame with love. Moreover, I offer Thee all the merits of the Saints both of Heaven and of earth, together with their acts of love, and those of the holy Angels. Lastly, I offer Thee, O Blessed Trinity, the love and the merits of the Blessed Virgin, my dearest Mother—to her I commit this Oblation, praying her to present it to Thee.

During the days of His life on earth her Divine Son, my sweet Spouse, spake these words: “If you ask the Father anything in My Name, He will give it you.”275 Therefore I am certain Thou wilt fulfill my longing. O my God, I know that the more Thou wishest to bestow, the more Thou dost make us desire. In my heart I feel boundless desires, and I confidently beseech Thee to take possession of my soul. I cannot receive Thee in Holy Communion as often as I should wish; but, O Lord, art Thou not all-powerful? Abide in me as Thou dost in the Tabernacle—never abandon Thy Little Victim. I long to console Thee for ungrateful sinners, and I implore Thee to take from me all liberty to sin. If through weakness I should chance to fall, may a glance from Thine Eyes straightway cleanse my soul, and consume all my imperfections—as fire transforms all things into itself.

I thank Thee, O my God, for all the graces Thou hast granted me: especially for having purified me in the crucible of suffering. At the Day of Judgment I shall gaze on Thee with joy, as Thou bearest Thy sceptre of the Cross. And since Thou hast deigned to give me this precious Cross as my portion, I hope to be like unto Thee in Paradise and to behold the Sacred Wounds of Thy Passion shine on my glorified body.

After earth’s exile I trust to possess Thee in the Home of our Father; but I do not seek to lay up treasures in Heaven. I wish to labour for Thy Love alone—with the sole aim of pleasing Thee, of consoling Thy Sacred Heart, and of saving souls who will love Thee through eternity.

When comes the evening of life, I shall stand before Thee with empty hands, because I do not ask Thee, my God, to take account of my works. All our works of justice are blemished in Thine Eyes. I wish therefore to be robed with Thine own Justice, and to receive from Thy Love the everlasting gift of Thyself. I desire no other Throne, no other Crown but Thee, O my Beloved!

In Thy sight time is naught—”one day is a thousand years.”276 Thou canst in a single instant prepare me to appear before Thee.

* * * * * * *

In order that my life may be one Act of perfect Love, I offer myself as a Victim of Holocaust to Thy Merciful Love, imploring Thee to consume me unceasingly, and to allow the floods of infinite tenderness gathered up in Thee to overflow into my soul, that so I may become a very martyr of Thy Love, O my God! May this martyrdom, after having prepared me to appear in Thy Presence, free me from this life at the last, and may my soul take its flight—without delay—into the eternal embrace of Thy Merciful Love!

* * * * * * *

O my Beloved, I desire at every beat of my heart to renew this Oblation an infinite number of times, “till the shadows retire,”277 and everlastingly I can tell Thee my love face to face.


The ninth of June, Feast of the Most Blessed Trinity, In the year of grace, 1895.

Canticle and Decree of The Angel — November 13, 2015

Canticle and Decree of The Angel

St. Vincent Ferrer

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Almighty God of Love reigns forever and ever in the everlasting Kingdom of Heaven! His precious Blood, flowing perpetually from His pierced Heart, is poured out, like a flowing river, onto the tip of the earth, covering it, and falling to its base. His Sacred Heart is forever filled with love for man, whose name is imprinted on His Heart. Yet Divine Love is starving, starving! His sweet, gentle words: “I thirst”. Yes, Divine Love thirsts for love, for adoration, for souls, for their entry into the bosom of Abraham. Nay, even more delightful! Into the Wedding Feast of the Lamb and His Bride! Alas, this sweet and sorrowful King, Whom His crown was a circle of thorns and Whom His bed was a wooden cross, pants with anguish. Himself, Love Incarnate, is what He gave, what He has given, and what He continues to give to the world, that absolute and adorable pearl of great price, and is met with disdain, indifference, and hatred by most men. He loved all! Yet is loved by very few! As a response to this crime against Love, many noble souls seize it upon themselves to satisfy His Divine Justice, asking for Him to pour His Divine Mercy upon souls that offend Him. Yet these noble souls neglect something of a much greater importance. Why dost thou desire to appease sinners, but not thy God, who “was never without sorrow or suffering” then and is never without sorrow or suffering now? Thou hast much zeal for souls. Where is thy zeal for God? Thou hast much love for souls. Where is thy love for God? Where is the mercy that is shown to sinners, to God? Who was it Who said, “Have pity on Me”? O hear ye, hear ye!  Men of the earth! The Child Savior wants pity from mere humans! O how simple and humble is Our Child Savior! How glorious is He in His humility and simplicity! O noble souls, why not satisfy the Heart of God, bruised by the ingratitude of poor sinners, by the offering of one’s self? When one hears an unkind or blasphemous word, why not say, in the depths of one’s heart one Ave Jesu and one Ave Maria? It will soothe and gladden His Little Heart, since children are pleased by the littlest of things. Even more worthy, a glance or a sigh of love towards any of the numerous arrays of His Images suffices!  Let thy Love see thy love in secret and He will bless thee.  Hear ye! Hear ye! Where is the soul who wishes to appease and please God before all of mankind? Where is the soul who wishes to satisfy Divine Love for all the affronts He has suffered from sinners? Where is the soul who wishes to make a gift of himself to Divine Love in order for Him to be loved and for the salvation of souls? Where is the Veronica who will offer her veil to the suffering Spouse of the Church and wipe His Face clean from the outrages of profaners and the impious? Where is the soul who will wash the King’s Feet with her tears and kiss Them, wipe Them with her hair, and anoint Them with ointment? That is the purpose of this pleading canticle.

Divine Love commands: “If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me”.

Arise, little souls! Regardless of thy station and duties in life, thou art charged with contemplating God and the things of Him, following the Child Savior and imitating Him in thy short pilgrimage on earth, so that by Him abiding in thy hearts, as He dost in the tabernacle, hidden for love of men, thou may receive salvation from Him who is the Lover of souls.