O Divine King with the pierced Heart,

I crown Thee with many crowns…

Of roses, my Love!

Of lilies, my Honor!

Of daises, my Joy!

Of violets, my Beloved!

Of tulips, my Sweetness!

Of sunflowers, my Delight!

Of bluebonnets, my Precious!

Of the earth’s bounty,

I give Thee,

Strawberries, Blueberries, grapes,

And many other sweet things,

All for Thee!

Of Heaven’s bounty,

I ask the Saints

To join Our Lady and the Angels,

To raise up the fragrance of the voices

Of the many canticles of love,

Sung to Thee,

For Thy glory,

Thy honor,

Thy joy!

All on my behalf!

For nothing I say,

Expresses the love

I have for Thee,

O Good God and King!