Corpus Christi showing an image of Christ Crucified

“Domitis mea dico in Christo, victor mortis, et inferni delictorum meorum. Ad Eucharistiam Iesus meus rex quod placeo mihi in manu sua usque ad genua levant.”

“J’affirme que mon assujettissement au Christ, Victor sur la mort, l’enfer et mes péchés. Avant l’Eucharistie, Jésus, mon Dieu et le roi, je suis contente de se mettre à genoux jusqu’à ce que de sa main, il me soulève.”

“I affirm my subjugation to Christ, Victor over death, hell and my sins.  Before the Eucharist, Jesus my God and King, I am content to kneel until with His own hand He raises me.”

(quote from Fr.Z’s blog:

Note: The Feast of Corpus Christi is supposed to be celebrated on Thursday, but many dioceses and parishes moved the Feast to Sunday.

However, Happy Corpus Christi Day!