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To Promote The Reign of Christ the King Through the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Jesus Crucified, The Triumph And Victory of Love — March 12, 2016

Jesus Crucified, The Triumph And Victory of Love

O Jesus Crucified,
Love’s Triumph,
Love’s Victory,
In the garb of defeat, shame, humiliation!
In the Battle over good and evil, life and death,
The Battle to win hearts,
Love is stronger than death!
Mightier than a two edged sword!
Defeating the blackened enemy!
Destroying him at the foot of the Precious Body on the Cross!
O Divine Majesty of Love!
Tis’ Thy enemy crushed under the Sign of sweet, endless Love!
O Jesus Crucified,
Love’s Perpetual Glory,
Love’s Eternal Majesty,
In appearance of simple, humble humanity!
Thy sweet Foundation, Thy boat along the watery waves to Heavenly Shore,
Opens pilgrims to Thy Kingdom on earth!
A shiny, glassy reflection of Thy Kingdom to come!
Thy Kingdom forever eternal,
Its mystery sung among Thy heavenly Choirs!



Happy Birthday, Jesus! — December 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Little Word of the Lord

Cantique De Noël

O Divine Love,

Who came down from Heaven

Born as an Infant,

Fresh, holy, spotless, little Lamb!

O Divine Love,

Encircled by God’s creatures,

Bowing their heads before Thy Divine Infancy!

Thy Immaculate Mother and Thy Foster-Father

Adore Thee,

Along with the shepherds,

The Magi,

Bearing gifts!

And the Angels on high,


Their voices filling the night sky!

Lastly, the star in the sky,

The one the Magi followed,

Shines brightly,

As Thou cooes and laughs

Cries and sleeps!

O Divine Love,

Thou Savior of men,

Our ways Thou amends,

By Thy grace flowing from Thee!

O Savior of men,

my heart is now Thine,

Thy Heart is now mine!




Joyeux Anniversaire, Jésus!

Canticle of the Angels of the Nativity —

Canticle of the Angels of the Nativity

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  O men of the earth, made in the Image and Likeness of the Divine Creator, God the Father and Maker of Heaven and earth!  Not only has the Father created thee in His Image and Likeness within thy soul, His Divine Son, Jesus Christ, Savior of men and King of the Universe, has taken on the likeness of thy human flesh in every way but sin!  O what a glorious Mystery!

Yes, O God of Divine Love!  What glorious Mysteries Thou shares with the little ones of the earth!  Behold, Thy Son is in the form of a helpless Babe, wrapped in swaddling clothes by the little Virgin, Who by Thy grace, became His Mother!  Then there is St. Joseph, betrothed to Mary the Virgin, in a chaste union, a safeguard and protector of the Christ Child and His Mother.

What joy St. Joseph must have felt when the Queen of the Universe was given to him in marriage!  What honor he must have felt when he became guardian of the newborn King!

See, little animals, beasts of the earth!  They come to the Holy Family and pay homage to the Infant King!

Men of the earth, where art thou?  Hath none but the beasts of the earth come to do Him homage?  Let us go, not to the cities, for they will scoff, but to the pastures, where our Divine Lord will be properly received, with canticles of love and praise!

GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO IN ET TERRA PAX HOMINIBUS BONAE VOLUNTATIS!  O dear shepherds of the fields, simple and poor!  I have great news to tell thee!  God, Who is Mercy and Love, hath come meekly, into the night, as an innocent Infant!  Come, come!  Our sweet Savior hath come hither!  Go, dear shepherds!  Go with haste to see the King!

O the little shepherds go in haste!  To the dwelling of the Holy Family!  A cave, with St. Joseph, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Christ Child in the center with little lambs, sheep and goats surrounding Them!  Now the shepherds peer and marvel at the Father’s greatest Work of Love: His Divine Son as an Infant.  Now, the shepherds go, singing and glorifying the Holy Infant, the Prince of Peace, the little Child with the iron rod to rule all nations!  Love came down from Heaven and landed on earth through the Immaculata!  How joyous!

O Divine God, Thy Love has entered the earth through the Virgin, given as a gift to man for the forgiveness of sins!  How merciful Thou art!  How merciful Thou art!  What other gift could hath been given to satisfy man’s desire for Love?  No other!  The God-Man will do!  GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO IN ET TERRA PAX HOMINIBUS BONAE VOLUNTATIS!

Jésus, tout ce que je veux pour Noël est Toi!



Prayer to St. Jeanne D’Arc for Perseverance in the Faith — December 22, 2015

Prayer to St. Jeanne D’Arc for Perseverance in the Faith

(from La Pieta on Tripod.com http://lapieta.tripod.com/joanarc.htm: I rewrote certain parts of the prayer)

St. Jeanne D’Arc, Holy Maiden of Orléans, in the face of thy enemies, in the face of harassment, ridicule, and doubt, in abandonment, alone and without friends, and even in the face of thy own mortality, thou held firm in the Faith.  I pray that I may be as bold in the Faith as thee, St. Jeanne.  I beseech thee that thou wilt ride alongside me in my own battles.  Help me be mindful that what is worthwhile can be won when I persist.  Help me to believe more deeply, to hold firm in the Faith, to be strong in virtue, love, and humility, and to be a true counterrevolutionary for the King and Queen of Heaven.  Amen.



4th Sunday of Advent: Meditation — December 21, 2015

4th Sunday of Advent: Meditation

St. Elizabeth and the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of the Universe, were waiting with joy and anticipation for the Savior Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe!  O how sweet it is indeed “that the Mother of my Lord should come to me” and grant me Her Son, the Divine One, who loves with the greatest love!

Prayer: O my beloved Jesus, my heart awaits Thy coming.  Please prepare my heart for Thee that my heart will now and forever be a place for Thee to rest Thy Head, O dear King of my heart!

An Invocation To Be Molded Into The Standard of Merciful Love — December 18, 2015

An Invocation To Be Molded Into The Standard of Merciful Love

O my God, in the adorable Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ, Savior and Spouse, and through the intercessions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Mother of men, St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus, the Little Flower, and St. Jeanne D’Arc, the Maiden of Orléans, I adore Thee for Thyself and Thy Love.  I renounce all words, thoughts, and deeds that I said, thought, and did, both knowingly and unknowingly, on purpose and on accident, that are contrary to Thee and Thy Love.  In Thy favor, vouchsafe for Thy sweet Mercy to fall upon me.  Through the help of Our Lady, St. Thérèse, and St. Jeanne, I beseech Thee to mold me into who I truly am in Thy Heart and in Thy Mind.  Amen.



Mystical Princess of Tepeyac — December 15, 2015

Mystical Princess of Tepeyac

O Mystical Princess of Tepeyac,

Thou wast seen,

In all Thy beauty,

By the saintly Juan Diego,

Who Thou came to see,

For a special request.

“A Church, little Juanito, I desire,

On the hill from which I stand

For worship and praise of my sweet and Divine Son.

Tell the Bishop that his Queen is here, for She

Has come to visit Her people”

Thy littlest Child Juanito goes

Off to see the Bishop

And tells him of Thee,

O august Queen!

“Dear Juan, I need a Sign;

Show me that our Queen has come!”

With that, Juanito attempts to go home,

Back to his uncle that bears his name.

Yet Thou intercepts him!

“Do not worry and fret, my son.  I am your Mother and I love you very much.  Your uncle is fine; He has been healed.  Take these roses, as a Sign that I have come, to the Bishop, in your tilma.”

Thy beauty, O Lady, was more than enough!

Now bright roses in the December snow?!

What next, O precious Mother?

Thy little Juanito leaves

To go see the Bishop,

His tilma filled with roses.

The Bishop awaits him.

The tilma drops,

From the release of Juan’s hands,

The roses falling onto the ground…

Thy Image, O Lady, on the tilma,

Causes the Bishop

And others

To fall on their knees:

Homage to the Ever-Virgin Queen of Tepeyac!

Homage to the Ever-Virgin Queen of Tepeyac!

Homage to the Ever-Virgin Queen of Tepeyac!

A Church is built on the hill of Thy choosing,

Accompanied with sweet chants of love, honor and devotion!

The Sacrifice of Love

Takes over and replaces

The sacrifice of hate!



“The Virgin is one of us.  Our pure Mother, Our Sovereign Lady is one of us!”




Gaudete Sunday(3rd Sunday of Advent): Meditation — December 14, 2015
God’s Love Letter… And Battle Plan! — December 12, 2015
O Heart of God Divine — December 11, 2015

O Heart of God Divine

O Heart of God Divine!

O sweet Treasure of graces!

More precious than gold and silver,

Thy Love created all things:

Sun, moon, planets, stars,

Sky, sea, trees, plants, animals, men;

All created things bend,

At the pulsations of Thy Heart!

Conquerer of all creation,

Thou hast made all things for Thyself!

Thy simple Heart wants love,

As Thou hast loved!

What holy desires from the God-Man!

Conquerer of the human heart,

Thou hast made Thy Love

Attractive and desirous to the hearts of little ones,

Who desire Love above all things!

O sweet and Divine Lover,

Thou art forever glorious, beautiful, and lovely!

Forever and ever!