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The Godless Delusion by Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley — October 4, 2015

The Godless Delusion by Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley

(from the Dedicated Decades Magazine Winter 2013 Edition pages 8 – 10: The Universal Living Rosary Association)

Something strange and unsettling is happening in America.  A fiercely militant openly aggressive kind of godlessness is on the rise in the very country renowned the world over for its official motto: IN GOD, WE TRUST.  A hostile denial of God’s existence is spreading steadily across this God-fearing nation, a nation with a Declaration of Independence that solemnly proclaims belief in God:


The rising tide of militant atheism is sweeping rapidly across not just the United States but the entire West.  It believes God to be our primary enemy and that belief in Him is to be ruthlessly eradicated wherever it may be found.  Anti-God propaganda forces its way into public consciousness via the internet, movies, billboards, and an avalanche of books.  Unfortunately, most Christians have been caught completely off-guard, flatfooted and woefully unprepared to counter this atheist onslaught.  From kindergarten through the university, in textbooks, education, research, museums, magazines, scientific programming for television, movies, music, and other media, EVERYWHERE, atheists espouse the naturalistic worldview with religious fervor.  That God does not exist is simply presupposed, continually implied, insinuated, suggested, and understood.

They say, NATURALISM IS TRUE, THEREFORE THERE IS NO GOD. Naturalism and Evolution present a world that is purely natural and man is essentially an accident, a world and life which have no ultimate meaning, death being the end of all things.  Neither has been demonstrated to be true.  This is what our children are being taught in our schools and universities.  In the name of Naturalism and Evolution, everything has changed.  Marriage, family, and human sexuality are viewed through the lens of evolutionary biology, sociology, and psychology.  We are all free now to decide what is right and what is wrong.  The denial of God’s existence leads to the complete disintegration of morality, the meaning of life, human dignity, and the possibility of knowledge itself.  Materialism and Naturalism are two words that describe the same worldview.  In principle, nothing exists beyond the scope of scientific explanation.

Morality is not a minor part of our experience.  It is at the very heart of it.  The implication is that right and wrong have no real existence.  All is relative, subjective and immaterial.  Man is an animal evolving from a beast to what is called the SUPERMAN, a race of men and women unchained from the shackles of religion, belief in God and a moral code, using his own intelligence and will to create a world of his own choice.  Christianity must be destroyed to make way for this race of superman who rise against Christian superstition.  For them, God is dead; no God means no right or wrong.  This philosophy was instrumental in propelling Europe, in particular, into an era of violence and brutality, hitherto never experienced.  If God does not exist, everything is permissible.  We might even catch ourselves expressing support of this theory.  If an all-good, all-powerful and all-loving God does exist, why does He allow evil to exist?  This is a classic argument for atheism.  I have heard Catholics use it.  In conscience, we kill unborn unwanted children, saying it does not have an adverse effect on others and claim that it helps us.

Sexual liberation abounds supported by the idea that it is between mutually consenting adults.  Atheists claim that there is no harm done when human beings behave like animals!  Do whatever you desire, satisfy your appetites, addictions and fetishes.  Right?  WRONG!

Atheism destroys the possibility of knowledge.  If the atheist wants to use ideas, reason and logic to argue against God’s existence, he must first borrow these weapons from the theistic worldview that can account for them and make use of them.  In other words, He must first accept God’s existence – then, if he likes, he can try to disprove it.  He claims that human life has no intrinsic, transcendent value.  This is why atheism gains ascendancy in the West where there is a concomitant rise in barbaric, inhuman practices such as abortion, fetal stem research, cloning, infanticide, and euthanasia.  Society is in a death spiral into darkness, despair and nihilism propelled by naturalism.  It is the death knell of modern man’s acknowledgement of and respect for objective truth, transcendent values, natural law, and a God-given code of morality.  It is no wonder so many young people are mixed up.  They have no sense of self-worth, they are not created by God and they have no ultimate purpose.  This is having dire effects on our whole culture.  Atheism’s situational ethics and moral relativism is a sure-fire prescription for wiping out a society, indeed, a civilization!  Once the protective seawall of traditional values and theistic morality is breached the churning tsunami of human pathologies, greed, lust and violence come rushing in.  When the atheist worldview claws its way to ascendance in a given culture, sweeping away all restraints of religion, morality, and human rights, we see the rise of murderous totalitarian regimes.  History shows ghastly consistency when this is followed to its logical conclusion.  The atheist moral-ethical theory always terminates at the same place: the entrance to Auschwitz!

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…”(Gen. 1:1)

An infinite personal God exists and created all things.  We are not merely bodies but embodied souls, spirits made in God’s very image and likeness, to be His sons and daughters, intended to share eternally in all that He possesses.  As God’s children, we have meaning and purpose that extend far beyond the few years we may have to live in this world.  While here, we live in our Father’s Love and in accordance with the Moral Laws He has written on our very hearts and has revealed to us through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Every facet of creation, if understood and interpreted correctly, demonstrates the existence of the God Who created all things.  God’s character provides the source for morality as well as the standard for moral law in the universe He created.  RIGHT and WRONG are not simply words we use to express our own personal preferences: God has written these fundamental Moral Laws on our very souls.  “Being made in the image and likeness of God, the human individual possesses the dignity of a person, who is not just something, but someone.  He is capable of self-knowledge, of self-possession and of freely giving himself and entering into communion with other persons.  He is called by Grace to a Covenant with his Creator, to offer Him a response of faith and love that no other creature can give in his stead.” Catechism of the Catholic Church # 357.

If God exists and He designed human sexuality, to be expressed and find its meaning and fulfillment in the loving commitment of marriage, family and a stable society, then unbridled sexual activity is what Christianity has understood for the past two thousand years: a destructive activity that attacks human dignity and, in the end, inflicts profound and lasting emotional, spiritual and physical wounds and scars.  Everyone is hurt by sexual promiscuity or any other immoral activities which might be considered entirely PRIVATE because God made them for something so much higher and better.  Man degrades himself when he fails to pursue his higher calling.  Our inalienable rights are God-given, true and valid, and they exist, regardless of whatever anyone may say and whether or not the State acknowledges them.  They are rights no power on earth can rightfully take away, because no power on earth can grant them. Only God can.  Throughout history, human beings have believed in God and longed for Eternity.  God created human beings in His own image and likeness, for the purpose to know love and serve Him in this life, and to be happy with Him in the life to come.

God’s Law, His Life and His Truth will win, whether we win or lose, because goodness is self-conversing.  Therefore, if we remain with Him, victory will be ours, though at any moment, it may look like defeat is upon us.  The Cross appeared to be defeat too, but it was the condition for God’s greatest victory!  The condition of triumph is oneness with God.  Vitally important is an all-out moral effort, involving a return to the Christian concept of family life, the acceptance of a system of law grounded on the authority of God and a system of education based on prayer and the love of God!

P.S.: Many Catholics have been deceived into thinking that evolution is true. Evolution is 100% false.  The truth of Creation is that God created everything out of nothing.  He created the heavens, the earth,  the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky, the waters, animals, plants, and human beings, who are, as this article consistently tells us, created in His image and likeness.  Therefore, the human race comes from Adam and Eve, who God created, not from any other creature.



(from the Dedicated Decades Magazine Winter 2013 Edition pages 3 – 4: The Universal Living Rosary Association)

How misunderstood and maligned is the Gift of Faith in our day!  Some say, it is a blind acceptance of what we cannot see or a belief in what is contrary to reason.  The world has steadily grown away from Faith ever since the dawn of enlightenment, the so-called Reformation.  Reason is our god and guides all our motives and actions.  People often refer to the Dark Ages or Middle Ages with ridicule- a day in which Faith reigned universally!  Today, we have a flood of hatred, sin, and bloodshed in the world; the good suffer and evil prosper.

The tendency to be broadly tolerant is a dangerous threat to the Church Militant.  Liberalism is gnawing at the Catholic spirit.  Some adopt the attitude that ‘all roads, however diverse, lead to Heaven; believe what you choose, God will abide!’  Private opinion may be fine so long as it does not tamper with truth, justice, and morals.

There is no possibility for world betterment until Faith once more takes root in men’s hearts:


People, today, do not know themselves because they do not know God.  They do not know the hope and peace of prayer.  They have faith in nothing, because they have no faith in God.  Faith is absolutely necessary to lead a good life and knowledge is the beginning of faith.  The final substitute we have for God in this wild world of ours is the gospel of liberty.  Americans, led by the intelligentsia, have espoused democracy as their religion.  But God commanded otherwise!  In His abundant providence, He decreed that man was to be saved, not as an individual but upon membership in His Church.  It was His will that no man should come to Him, save through His Church.

A man who loses his Faith is like a building completely demolished by an earthquake.  There are only two categories of men who can truly call themselves reasonable: Those who serve God with their whole heart and soul because they know Him by Faith; and those who seek Him with their whole heart and soul because they know Him not.

If humanity needs anything today, it is TRUTH, not theory, not hope, not duplicity but ABSOLUTE TRUTH.  This is the crime that festers within the four walls of our present day universities and spreads through our public school system.  Truth and error are constantly being changed to suit the tempo and the times.  Most of today’s knowledge is based on what has been studied and written by human authority.  St. John asks the question: If we accept the testimony of men, is not the testimony of God greater?  How quickly the masses rush to any new prophet who will propose a remedy for life’s problems:  “Blind leaders of the blind!” He came unto His own and His own received Him not.

This is the fundamental question of Christianity, the acceptance or rejection of Christ’s teaching authority.  Our Lord will never use His Divine Power over human will.  Though He wills that all men believe, He will not have their faith at the expense of their human liberty.  The most decisive of God’s gifts to us is the freedom of our will.  What a terrible thing this free will is!  All the evil in the world represents the power we have which has dared to defy the All-Powerful God.  The very nature of sin is our full knowledge and willful opposition to God’s Divine Will.  After rejecting God, we have tried to kill Him.  Sin is nothingness, Eternal Negation: THE NON-SERVIUM OF SATAN!

One of the most effective tools used to rob man of his free will is FEAR; real fears or imagined fears, it makes no difference, as both are powerful in swaying man’s decisions.  Our poor world is sick.  Six centuries of erroneous thought and thousands of years of sinful folly have left their mark on the modern mind.  The worship of pleasure by the young and old, and the adulation given to power and money by our generation, make one weep!  Amid all he chaos of a world gone mad, there stands but one remedy, one solution: The Catholic Church alone has the power to save humanity.  Our aim must be to look at life as God looks at it.  It is only through the eyes of Faith that we can see the cause of the world’s illness.  There is only one thing that remains to be done.  We must apply to ourselves the merits won on Calvary.

Faith then is crowned by the indwelling presence of God that comes to all who are in the state of Sanctifying Grace.  We must become as little children, accepting and embracing the Will of God.  We must have faith in our Father.  Now is the second great siege of Christendom.  It is NOW time for martyrs and confessors of the Faith.  “Either you are with Me or you are against Me.”  If we but persevere in faith until the end of these troubled times, united with Mary, our triumph is assured.

I firmly believe that there is One God; and that in this One God, there are three Persons:  THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY GHOST; that the Son took to Himself the nature of man from the Virgin Mary’s womb, by the power of the Holy Ghost; and that in this human nature, He was crucified and died for us; that afterwards He rose again and ascended into Heaven, from whence He shall come to repay the just with everlasting glory, and the wicked with everlasting punishment.  Moreover, I believe whatsoever else the Catholic Church proposes to be believed, and this because God, Who is Sovereign Truth, Who can neither deceive nor be deceived, has revealed all these things to His Church.                   Amen.