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Acte de Consécration De La France Au Sacré Coeur et à La Sainte Vierge —

Acte de Consécration De La France Au Sacré Coeur et à La Sainte Vierge

(from Priere Pour La France: http://www.priere-pour-la-france.com/post/2013/02/24/Acte-de-cons%C3%A9cration-de-la-France-au-Sacr%C3%A9-C%C5%93ur-et-%C3%A0-la-Sainte-Vierge)

Acte de consécration de la France au Sacré Cœur et à la Sainte Vierge

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Cet acte de consécration au Sacré Cœur a été fait par Marie Antoinette et Élisabeth Marie dans la prison du Temple avant la mort de Louis XVI.

O Jésus Christ ! Tous les cœurs de ce royaume, depuis le cœur de votre auguste Monarque jusqu’à celui du plus pauvre de ses sujets, nous les réunissons par les désirs de la charité, pour vous les offrir ensemble.


Oui Cœur de Jésus, nous vous offrons notre patrie tout entière et les cœurs de tous ses enfants.


O Vierge Sainte ! Ils sont entre vos mains ; nous les avons réunis en nous consacrant à vous, comme à notre protectrice et à notre Mère. Aujourd’hui, nous vous en supplions, offrez les au Cœur de Jésus. Présentés par vous, il les recevra, il leur pardonnera, il les bénira, il les sanctifiera, il sauvera la France tout entière et y fera revivre la Sainte Religion.


Marie Antoinette, Elisabeth Marie. Dans la prison du Temple avant la mort de Louis XVI

St. Joan of Arc in Battle — December 22, 2015

St. Joan of Arc in Battle

(from JoanofArc.com: http://www.joanofarc.us/index.html)

Joan of Arc in Battle

Joan of Arc Outside of Orleans
Joan of Arc on a horse

Joan of Arc is known in two different senses around the world. She is the saint who heard the voice of God that told her she would lead the French to victory, and she is the young woman who led men across the battlefield with a leadership that few seemed to have matched in the following 550 years since her death.

Joan of Arc in battle and her leadership there have taken on near legendary status. Through the wars and warriors that were involved with Joan of Arc, she has become an icon of the terrible time known as the One Hundred Years War.  When Joan of Arc was in battle, she defied the cautious strategy that was well-known in the leadership of the French. During the siege of Orleans, there was only one attempted move on the castle, which ended horribly. However, when Joan of Arc came along, she attacked and captured the fortresses of Saint Loup and Saint Jean le Blanc. She continued to defy the war council and took fortress after fortress during the siege of Orleans.

Her legendary status as a leader was cemented when she took an arrow to the neck, but returned wounded to lead her troops in the final charge. For her troops, involved with wars and warriors, Joan of Arc was a true leader in battle. With that type of leadership, she was able to get near super-human results from her troops, which led to her victories.

After her victory at Orleans, there were many ideas for where to attack next, and the English assumed she would attempt an attack on Paris or Normandy. Naturally, she did not go the way everyone thought she would and she persuaded Charles VII to grant her co-command of the army to take over Reims. This was an unbelievable proposal because the city was deep in enemy territory and twice as far away as Paris. She would eventually take Reims and everything in between, making her a well-known force and making the English fear Joan of Arc in battle.

In battle, she wore men’s clothing and the armour of a knight when Joan of Arc was in battle. The reason for this was that she wanted to keep from being molested by male troops while camped in the field, thereby preserving her chastity. On top of that, she could command more respect from the men by dressing as one of them because they would be less likely to think of her as a ‘delicate’ woman or sex object as a result.

No matter what she wore, or how she cut her hair, Joan of Arc in battle made the names Joan of Arc and Hundred Years War intertwined. She was brave beyond that of most warriors in her army and she had the respect of all the men who served under her.  In fact, if you summed up Joan of Arc in battle into two words, they would be leadership and bravery. Not bad for a girl barely into her teens.