Dans le Sacré-Cœur

To Promote The Reign of Christ the King Through the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Feast of Corpus Christi — May 29, 2016

Feast of Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi showing an image of Christ Crucified

“Domitis mea dico in Christo, victor mortis, et inferni delictorum meorum. Ad Eucharistiam Iesus meus rex quod placeo mihi in manu sua usque ad genua levant.”

“J’affirme que mon assujettissement au Christ, Victor sur la mort, l’enfer et mes péchés. Avant l’Eucharistie, Jésus, mon Dieu et le roi, je suis contente de se mettre à genoux jusqu’à ce que de sa main, il me soulève.”

“I affirm my subjugation to Christ, Victor over death, hell and my sins.  Before the Eucharist, Jesus my God and King, I am content to kneel until with His own hand He raises me.”

(quote from Fr.Z’s blog: http://wdtprs.com/blog/2016/05/wdtprs-corpus-christi-i-affirm-my-subjugation-to-christ-vanquisher-of-hell-and-my-sins-4/)

Note: The Feast of Corpus Christi is supposed to be celebrated on Thursday, but many dioceses and parishes moved the Feast to Sunday.

However, Happy Corpus Christi Day!

Love In Prison — March 25, 2016

Love In Prison

(Happy Good Friday! Heureux Vendredi Saint!)

O my Jesus, O my Love, where art Thou?

I do not see Thee Whom my soul loves.

Where art Thou, King of Love?

Where art Thou?

In Thy Holy House?

In the Temple of Thy Birth?

In the home of Lazarus?

In Thy Church?  Not even in the tabernacle art Thou hidden!  Thou hast been taken!

O my Love, where art Thou?

O my Love, where art Thou?

In the deepest recesses of my heart?

For Thou sayest, “The kingdom of God is within you.”

Then, O my Jesus!

By Thy grace,

A bridal chamber of flowers and caresses, my room shall be!

Nay, not my room only!

My heart, too!

Let Thy Heaven be in my heart.

That Thou wouldst have a place to lay Thy Head as Thou desirest, O my sweet and Beautiful Jesus!

And yet not even so my Love, not even so!

Thou art Home,

With Thy Heavenly Father, Thy Holy Spirit of Love, and with Thy Angels, along with Thy Saints and Thy Holy Mother,

In the Land of fragrances, flowers, and perfumes, a Land of endless delight!

In earthly exile, I stay, imprisoned in Thy bridal chamber,

Watching and waiting for Thee, O my Spouse, to visit, resting upon Thy Heart, when upon The path of roseless thorns,

Hoping that on the Day of Thy return, Thou wilt call…

And bring me Home, resting in Thee and Thy Heart.



Canticle of the Angel of the Holy Passion — November 26, 2015

Canticle of the Angel of the Holy Passion

Thou Word of Love,

Manifested in the Christ-Man, the Son of God!

Thy Side opened and poured out!

Hung on the Tree of abandoning Love,

Thy precious Body,

Mingled with Holy Blood!

O Lowly Divinity!  O Glorious Humanity!  Brighter than the lights in the universe!

Holy Love consummates His Love for man,

Who kisses with prideful sneers

Conceals their outrages in majestic purple,

Offers to Him a reed,

And places a spiky crown o’er His Sacred Head!

O Divine King,

From Thy Adorable Heart, Blood and Water flow!

Along with the Spirit of Love!

Longinus’ stony heart healed!

Thy footstool’s foundation shakes!

Saints awake!

Flying at the sound of Thy gentle sigh!

O Crucified God of Love,

How beautiful art Thou in death,

As Thou art in life!

More lovely than all the flowers that adorn Thy footstool and Thy Throne!

Taken from the Tree,

Placed in the pure Hands of Thy Mother,

The Blessed Virgin,

White Rose of purity!

Who begot Perfection!

Stainless Rose who holds Thee,

O Red Rose bleeding!

From the manger crib,

To the bed-tomb!